Subdivision of Land into Master Planned Plots

Subdivision of Land into Master Planned Plots
If you are looking to subdivide, build a house, undertake earthworks, (the list goes on) it is likely you will be caught by a rule in the District Plan … so long story short, you’ll need resource consent from the Council.

Our staff have extensive knowledge of the resource consent process and requirements of the District Council Plans.
Subdividing land (or buildings) involves much more than drafting a few lines on a plan. It is a process that involves much much more. Increasingly this process has become more and more complex with more hurdles to jump over, hoops to jump through and boxes that need to be ticked. It is a process that requires management by a specialist.

Kamoga Propert Consultants Ltd is an expert in this field. As you can glean from our name we not only manage the subdivision process but we can also manage the construction process of the Operational Works that will likely be required such as sewer extensions, access roads, provision of electricity etc and, if you want to build a new house or build home units or townhouses after the new lots are in place we can do that too.

We can handle your subdivision no matter how large your lot is. In particular we are experts in lot subdivisions, infill projects, difficult sloping sites, sites that require removal of buildings or partial demolition and the like because, not only do we have the knowlege and experience relating to the sudivisional requirements, we also have the knowledge and skills relating to the building requirements that these difficult sites almost always involve. Things such as retaining walls, demolition, building removal, access gradients, excavation and the like are things that require knowledge that span several specialist consultants. 

Consider us as your prefered partner in this field