Land Title Processing

Anyone who currently owns a home in Uganda knows what a nightmare it is to get your land title documents, verify the seller’s title and have your own title documents recorded. It is a frustrating experience to go through. Bribery and corruption have dominated this stage of the property owning process and it could take years to get your title records after you’ve purchased and moved into your home.
We seriously intend to change this because of its negative impact on the investment climate in the country.

At Kamoga Property Consultants Ltd we recognize this problem, as a real estate agents and we are anxious to spare our clients the frustration of dealing with the Land Title Registration process. We have dedicated agents  whose sole duty is to visit the Land Title Registry, The Lands Commission and the Survey Department to collate all the documentation we need for our clients.

The nominal processing fee we charge for this service is absolutely worth it compared to all the aggravation you would have to suffer going through a process you are nowhere familiar with. Our knowledge of the system and our familiarity with the government officials at the various agencies makes it a whole lot easier for us to walk through this bureaucratic maze.

We guarantee you that our service will process your land title documents speedily, have a Title Search done by the Lands Commission and get the documents eventually recorded at the Land Title Registry.