The Company

Kamoga Property Consultants Ltd is a privately owned company fully registered, having its headquarters in LUBOWA Plot 1201 along Entebbe road, Kampala Uganda.
We have the best qualified, efficient, committed and motivated management team accompanied by a well trained staff.

At Kamoga Property Consultants, quality is guaranteed through the services we offer both at local and international levels.

Our main objective is long term survival not earning more and more profits. Our management team and staff are passionate for the business and have acquired a reputation in successfully delivering quality services in this challenging market and in the near future, we assume that the all of the East African region will have enjoyed our services.

Kamoga Property Consultants Ltd (KPCL) comes with the best skill services to compete in this market. We deal with all classes of people that is low, medium and high income earners.
Payment in installments is very much accepted at KPCL.

We offer professional advice where necessary to clients before any business transaction is done.
Our properties are classic in all aspects i.e. are well located with good accessibility, good neighborhood, and social services, water and electricity to mention but a few.

When it comes to land documentation, you will never regret working KPCL because we offer the best, land title transfer, registration of a caveat and removal of mortgage. Just visit us for the best professional advice.
We pride ourselves in giving our clients real value for their money.